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Claire Danes promotes Homeland with a plunging neckline

10.02.2015by: No Cool Handle

Claire Danes falls in the pretty but not sexy category. Great facial features like her big smile, lovely eyes and overall classic beauty look, but she's just too damn skinny. Being so devoid of any curves always made it hard for me to imagine why Brody would have an affair with Carrie on Showtime's Homeland when he had Morena Baccarin at home dying to f*#k the trauma way. Here she's ready to make her appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert wearing a very bland looking dress – we do get the slightest bit of AAA cup cleavage from her plunging neckline, but that's about it. Come to think of it, she never really dresses anymore provocative on the show either, even when she's trying to recruit new assets with her vagina. You would've thought for Brody to have stuck a pin in his ginger jihad she would've had to give him much more incentive. If she just ate some cheesecake every once in a while I think we'd have something more to work with. 

Extra Tidbit: Homeland season six this Sunday, October 4
Source: Got Celeb


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