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CJ Franco uses her lovely assets to promote hydration

02.17.2017by: No Cool Handle

It's no secret, CJ Franco is a well known advocate for hydration, specifically for expensive water that's really no different from the cheap stuff (water is water). Somehow, 138 Water is able to find plenty of sheep to sheer, which is likely thanks to the abundance of T&A hotties like CJ willingly provide. Scientists needn't study the correlation between bottled water and getting the attention of a ridiculously hot bit of talent like Ms. Franco – there is none. In fact, the brand of water you drink increases your chances of making eye contact with a babe of her stature by a factor of zero. In CJ's case, offering her a Marlboro light would probably get you further. Here she is lighting up while imprinting her butt cheeks on the hood of a hot Rod. Nice! I think we'll have to wait for the official photos before we see her watering down that white T-shirt with $40 worth of water, though. I'll keep a watchful eye.

Source: Got Celeb


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