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CJ Franco's bicycle seat is having all the fun

03.31.2017by: No Cool Handle

Let's face it, any inanimate object CJ Franco chooses to rest her rear upon a chair, a couch or the hood of the car is luckier than most any living, breathing person. It's difficult to admit, I know. I mean, who would feel great about themselves after dealing with being jealous of a bicycle seat? Once I reluctantly admitted to my own shameful state of envy, I spent a good half an hour marinating in a thick vat of self-loathing stew, only to find myself already well into the acceptance phase. Yes, I'd give up the benefits enjoyed by sentient beings if that meant, for one afternoon, I was the object which bore the full weight of CJ's denim-covered bottom, during a trek through Beverly Hills. She's quickly becoming one of my favorite hotties to "see around town," as she exists in a perpetually photogenic state. It's about time CJ Franco headed to Miami and spent a week and a half strutting up and down the shoreline in a variety of skimpy swimsuits 'tis the season.

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