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Cindy Crawford is still one fine beast in Zoo magazine

03.24.2016by: Cherry Liquor
This past February we saw yet another of the 1990's supermodels reach her 50's when Cindy Crawford turned the big 5-0, not that you can tell from the body on her. Crawford has still been working steadily, this time around for Zoo magazine in a tasteful but still cleavage filled photoshoot. I can't say that I think she still looks as great as she did in her prime. There's something wonky about her face, where it looks almost like one side is starting to melt away like a comic book villain. I'm also surprised that while she became famous for her mole that she never decided to have it axed, like so many others do after a certain point. I guess the doctors told her that it wasn't lethal. However it does look like it's the cause of what's pulling the left side of her face down. 
Source: Hawt Celebs


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