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Cindy Crawford gets nipply & assumes the position for latest shoot

03.25.2015by: Cherry Liquor

There was a big hullabaloo on the interwebs last month when that supposedly unaltered image of Cindy Crawford posing for Marie Claire magazine went viral. What got people so worked up about a 49-year old mother of two having wrinkles and other imperfections on her famous supermodel body? Some got angry that she didn't look as good as they expected her to, some got angry at those people saying she didn't look as good as she should and others went nuts proving that the unaltered picture was actually very altered. (I personally couldn't care less about her body. I'm more disturbed by the fact that she's developing Terry Hatcher face.)

Whatever... She's nearly 50 years old. There are advocates for not pushing older women out of the spotlight and to an extent, I agree with them. But at some point, if you've made enough money off of your looks, shouldn't you be allowed to fade away gracefully? Why do you HAVE to keep modeling? Design some clothing. Write a book. Start a foundation for young girls who suffer with self-esteem issues. Or, you know, wear a see-through dress on the beaches of Malibu why you have your picture taken so average women your age can talk about how it's possible to "still look good at that age." 

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