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Ciara's penchant for showing off the sideboob is priceless

05.24.2016by: Cherry Liquor

She might want to remind people that she's still raking in a decent amount of money, otherwise I can't imagine what stylist is going to get fired over forgetting to take the price tag off of Ciara's heels when she attended the 2016 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night. Eagle eyed people with nothing better to do let their eyes scan right past the fact that the singer was practically half naked, showing off the goods with a side view (a href="" target="blank">her signature move), and instead we get gossip agencies going to town on this little faux pax:

Those who weren't laughing at that mistake were talking shit about how Ciara could continue to maintain the claim that she and fiancee Russell Wilson are still abstaining from sex until marriage. I say it makes MORE sense. Who in their right mind, if attracted to the person they're engaged to, wouldn't be so frustrated by now that they'd start letting it all hang out just to have some of kicks? 

Source: Daily Mail


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