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Ciara uses her impressive pins to promote Keds

02.12.2016by: No Cool Handle

Every time I see Ciara's legs it's like the first time. The law of diminishing returns doesn't apply when speaking of this uber-MILF's sex appeal. Is that a thing? - uber-MILF? Anyway, there's yet come a time when I see those juicy thighs and my heart rate doesn't instantaneously increase. It usually takes a minute to acknowledge her other arsenal of impressive features; features she always graciously shares with adoring onlookers. Her efforts to bedazzle us with raw sexual magnetism don't go unnoticed, sometimes, going beyond merely noticing, too being downright distracting. Take this appearance at the Keds Centennial Celebration for example. I'm sure the folks at Keds would prefer you take notice of Ciara's high profile endorsement, but really; who the f#*k is looking at her shoes? She's even making an effort to draw your attention to them in a few photos and I still have no clue what they look like. There's too much seriously hot shit going on to care.

Source: Got Celeb


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