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Chyler Leigh is another one of those babes we just don't see enough of

07.02.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Out of all of the parody movies that have been made, NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE is one of the few that managed to actually be funny, making it one of my guilty pleasure films to check into (OK, so perhaps a young Chris Evans with that banana sticking out of his ass has something to do with it). The movie tends to be remembered for Evans as well as his irrepressible co-star Jaime Pressly as the stereotypical blonde cheerleader that appears in every single teen movie ever. But the star of the film really was Chyler Leigh, who took on the task of mimicking Rachael Leigh Cook's character from SHE'S ALL THAT and damned if she didn't pull it off perfectly with her combination of straight woman delivery and super hotness that rivaled Cook's. I keep thinking that it's been a long time since we've seen Leigh, who seemed to drop out of sight after that film but she's actually been working fairly steady, including a 5 year stint on "Grey's Anatomy." (And now I know why I didn't think I'd seen her in forever... am I the only female who's never watched that show?) Chyler was looking awesome on the red carpet at the 2015 Thirst Gala and since it's Thursday and we rarely see her at events like this, it could be a Throwback to another time, right?
Source: CelebMafia


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