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Christina Ricci raps up in red to remind us that she's still around

01.20.2016by: Droz

I always felt kinda bad about how quickly Christina Ricci disappeared off my radar. There was a time when she was one of my primary hottie desires and someone I kind of grew up on a similar timeline. I hate to think the controversy over her efforts to slim down was the reason for her move off the regular hottie radar, but her profile did diminish pretty significantly after that. That's rather unfortunate, because Christina is clearly still a hottie. Looking at her in this S Moda magazine spread, the thing I find most impressive is how unchanged she is from years back. She looks exactly the same now as she did back in her BLACK SNAKE MOAN days, a movie I just happened to have watched the other night. We all loved her in those PROZAC NATION days, but the fact is that Christina was still just as hot after that. All that shit we gave her was undeserved. She's still hot today. Somebody needs to give her another chance to prove that in some lack of clothes situation.

Source: S Moda


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