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Christina Milian's workouts are leaving me breathless

01.28.2015by: Droz

I'm intrigued by this whole celebrity public workout thing. You see this kind of behavior from a lot hotties. They'll hit the public parks in tight shit, or the state park in the case of Christina Milian here, where she and her equally hot sister proceed to engage in various calisthenics of a somewhat arousing nature. Or maybe she just hikes up the back of her shirt a little so that the assembled paparazzi following her around can get a nice, clear shot of her tight, toned ass as it's perfectly lit in the mid-afternoon sunlight. I suppose that could be a lucky moment captured by a pap with his camera set in rapid fire mode. The frequency by which these moments happen would seem to suggest otherwise. We hear a lot of bluster from celebs complaining about how the media wont leave them alone, but most of them would be appalled if one day they walked out of their homes and found there was not a single dude with a camera anywhere. Being a star is mostly about people paying attention to you. Can't be a star if no one pays attention anymore. Christina clearly wants to be a star.

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