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Christina Milian's & Victoria Justice's SDCC fun continues, now with tongue

07.22.2016by: Droz

Co-stars of the new ROCKY HORROR remake, Christina Milian and Victoria Justice, took the mutual fun times backstage to the official SDCC portrait studio, where the two of them had all kinds of laughs. I cropped out the dudes there with them attempting to crowd their way into the fun. No one cares about them. Nah, the important part was Christina and Victoria seemingly unable to contain their tongues. Vicky in particular was especially fond of sticking out her tongue to the world. I've noticed this from her before in other pics. She really loves to simulate tonguing invisible objects while making the sign of the devil totally innocuous with her squeaky clean persona. However, I'm beginning to wonder if her tongue action is more like a subconscious acting out. Just check out that last pic in the gallery below. Is it me, or does she look like someone reenacting some kind of girl-on-girl face-sitting position? I've seen enough porn to know what that looks like. I'm sure this is probably a moment taken completely out of context. It's also the stuff of Photoshop dreams come true.

Source: NSFW


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