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Christina Milian's Persona contains a lot of leather

03.03.2015by: Cherry Liquor
We sure have been seeing a lot of Christina Milian lately, not that I'm complaining. I just was finding it hard to understand WHY we were seeing a lot of Christina. She doesn't have any acting projects listed on her IMDB and it's not as if there's some album of hers dropping soon. But then someone turned me on to the fact that she's got some "reality" show on E! right now and I figured it out. It's not as if Christina isn't doing anything, she's just doing it on the channel that I haven't bothered tuning into due to their 24/7 Kardashian blasting. So since she's on a channel that I don't watch, I suppose it's only right that she appears in a magazine that I've never heard of. Persona Magazine has Milian posing in a leather contraption of a fashion choice, her hair braided up tight. The rest of the 33-year old mama looks tight to go along with those braids and everyone is willing to tune into that.


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