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Christina Milian's breasts will be on the receiving end of my long stare

01.21.2015by: ResidentRiddle64

I had no idea this flick called MANNY was coming out and I had no idea of the guest list. Had I known the premiere was going to be last night and had I known that Christina Milian would have been there, I would have gotten my favorite lawn chair (it's the one in between the plastic flamingo and the garden gnome in my front yard), placed that sucker right on the sidelines and waited patiently until that beautiful woman came out of her limo and showed off what she was working with. I'll tell you one thing: she sure knows how to come dressed to a premiere. Her breasts are totally about to pour out of her dress and that's one case of spilt milk that I surely wouldn't cry over. Oh, well. Maybe for her next red carpet appearance I can camp out. Until then I'll just have to keep enjoying the sight on this computer screen.

Source: Got Celeb


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