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Christina Milian's ass could cause a calamity on the jogging trail

09.02.2016by: No Cool Handle

Christina Milian is ending her weeklong run of non-stop sexiness on a high note. Unlike the last few photo sets, which kept the focus on her entrancing bust, today's photos bring her equally delectable and nicely rounded out ass to our attention. The timing of the photographer who crossed paths with the omnipresent MILF couldn't have been better; capturing Christina during that most glorious precursor to her afternoon jog, the full body stretch. This girl thrives off of attention, leaving me to believe that her selection of shorts, that could easily be mistaken for a pair of stretchy underwear, was a calculated choice. One that adds up to a whole lot of ocular delights, made hotter by Ms. Milian's consenting smile. There's something about a girl who you know wants you to look – and she needs all eyes on her like the rest of us need oxygen. Now that her jogging path of choice is known, I hope that translates into more images of Christina Milian in skimpy workout clothes. I have a feeling it will.

Source: NS4W


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