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Christina Milian's wet boobs and booty for FHM Indonesia

05.20.2016by: No Cool Handle

Is it the first sign of a dissipating career when a once formidable pop star is doing photo shoots for FHM Indonesia? Nothing against FHM Indonesia, it's just, you know... do the good people of Indonesia even read that over, I don't know, anything? Maybe they would choose their flagship skin-mag over Maxim Papua New Guinea. Has Christina Milian's career been long dead(?), leaving a window of opportunity for the curvaceous hottie to do nothing but show off that awesome body in it's absence; a career path that many would pay more attention to than one where she stars in Bring It On 9. Let's face it, there are worse things than knowing you'll be spending most of your time in guest spots on mediocre TV series – shit, I'd take it. Just like I'll take these photos featuring her awesome ass and supple breasts soaked in salty water.

Source: FHM Indonesia


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