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Christina Milian uses her happy boobs to promote Rocky Horror

08.09.2016by: Droz

I'll confess to having no special connection or particular fondness for the original ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. I like some of the songs in it and the fact that it stars Tim Curry in his prime makes it at least somewhat entertaining. I'm not a big musical guy, which I suspect is the main issue which gets in the way there. That and all the gay dudes in garters. No thanks. For those reasons it affects me very little to see them adding this movie to the ever growing list of stuff getting remade, apart from a general feeling of disapproval for such things.

But what can you do? Dwindling returns at box offices (or in the case of this remake, TV viewership ratings) and the negative outcry of public opinion haven't stopped the various studios' lazy fascination with committing repeated crimes against their back catalog. So it's likely nothing short of Armageddon will stop this juggernaut of mediocre. The one thing I can say in this particular remake's favor is that they got themselves some hot women to star in it. One such hottie is Christina Milian, who had her twin heavy cleavage headlights set to high beam for the Rocky Horror TCA panel. This remake might be a pale imitation of the original, but I'm pretty sure the original didn't have no titties quite as nice as Christina's. So there's at least one thing it does better.

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