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Christina Milian puts ass to grass in new Maxim shoot

03.29.2017by: No Cool Handle

Throughout her entire career, Christina Milian's sexuality has been carefully analyzed and enthusiastically celebrated across the web. So, in order to avoid redundant trappings, let's take a moment to hear what Christina thinks. I have always exuded sexuality naturally through my Cuban roots, but I am proud of my body and I feel comfortable in my own skin. I really wanted to hone in on that assertion. I find it amusing when hotties attribute their sexuality to their nationality. Is she saying without the aid of Cuban roots it'd be difficult to exude her sexuality naturally? It doesn't take Cuban roots, Irish roots or Japanese roots; sexuality is not an exclusive characteristic beholden to any one nationality. Anyway, and speaking of roots, the 35-year-old MILF has her ass firmly planted on an artificial patch of grass for her latest Maxim spread. The first thing you may notice is that her nipples are clearly visible through her shirt, signaling Maxim is still committed to going beyond the boundaries of implied nudity. One can only hope this limited number of photos is just a taste of things to come.

Source: Maxim


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