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Christina Milian prohibits wearing a bra to the Live by Night premiere

01.10.2017by: No Cool Handle

There's nothing new about Christina Milian showing off her lovely tits through sheer fabric; it's practically her go-to selection of eveningwear for high profile movie premieres like LIVE BY NIGHT. What's not so commonplace? Ms. Milian has been known to draw the line when it comes to showing her nips – often and with much success, figuring out ways to show as much of her man-made mounds as possible, all the while keeping the taps concealed. This time, however, there's no adhesive tape nor strategic placement of opaque cloth between Christina's nipples and the cameras eye. The transparency slider was set to 80%, facilitating what could be considered the closest we've come to full on views of her rack. And no surprise, they look fantastic. Now that she's finally faced her fear and flashed her high beams in public, perhaps she'll finally throw away those f**king pasties. I have no idea how LIVE BY NIGHT turned out, but I'm giving Christina Milian's boobs an 8 out of 10.

Source: HawtCelebs


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