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Christina Milian lives the curvy life at #CurveYourReality Launch Event

12.07.2016by: No Cool Handle

Here's something else to remind us of the overwhelming influence Twitter has had on the world. Not only can't our President-elect keep his thumbs in check, but promotional coordinators are titling events with shit like #CurveYourReality. I'm all for hash tagging, even referencing it; but do we have to actually start naming campaigns, events, ect. with them?

Anyway, no one needs to tell Christina Milian to curve anything; she curves constantly, naturally and unconcealed from her adoring fans. She showed up to the event practically naked, only a couple of pasties and a pair of panties – visually unobstructed underneath a mesh dress – worn to maintain any semblance of public decency. With someone like Christina (someone who craves attention more than your average celebrity babe, so much so she hardly ever makes a public appearance in more than two article of clothing), it's a wonder why she bothers covering her nipples at all. I mean, if there's a line, she crossed it with both tits pointed onward long ago. Why not just commit fully?

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