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Christina Milian is all smiles while serving up another great cleavage show

03.20.2017by: Droz

Christina Milian was positively glowing while doing her usual titty show on the streets of LA the other night. She's been looking pretty good lately and obviously by the look of her here, also feeling good. Not that she ever looked bad, but lately it seems like a new vibrancy has come over her, effectively stripping off a few years and giving her this positive glow. Could be Christina is getting some, which always has a similar effect on me. There's nothing better for one's physical and emotional disposition than a frequent and thorough release of sexual tensions. Or maybe she just got herself a nice buzz after a night out. The two can easily be mistaken for each other, as they do produce similar effects. Either way, I sure could use some of what she's getting right now. I think we all could.

Source: Superior Pics


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