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Christina Milian is a total trick showing off her treats in Galore magazine

10.21.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Don't get it twisted and think that I'm calling Christina Milian a trick as some kind of insult. In her brief interview with Galore magazine, Chrissy dishes on her upcoming role as Magenta in the Fox Live production of ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW and refers to herself as such when asked if she's a trick or a treat. This see-through nun costume she's wearing for the October issue is a serious treat for the eyes, zooming in on her most popular assets while still giving her the chance to be the silly little minx that she can be. While everyone else is talking about Milian's co-star, Victoria Justice and her participation in the project, I'm the one hoping that we'll only get more and more of Christina instead. So I went and found some pics of her at the Empire State Building to help compete with all of the Vicky love.
Source: Galore Mag


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