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Christina Milian is a hottie pro at BeautyCon

07.12.2016by: Cherry Liquor
One of the things that doesn't get mentioned about Christina Milian is how she's a girl of the people. Sure, she's been in movies and TV shows and has had hit singles. And she has the kind of body that one tends to achieve through having a lot of money to throw around, but I maintain my opinion because that skin-tight acid-washed mini-dress she wore to the 2016 BeautyCon (yes, even makeup and hair styling aficionados have their own geek out conventions) is only $39 bucks. That's right, you can purchase the very same dress Christina is wearing through her shop, We Are Pop Culture for less than a couple of Jacksons. Which will leave you with the funds to get all of the other products that make Milian look like a million bucks. Talk about better than Kristen Stewart's Chanel t-shirt, which she wore at Cannes this year, for around $300ish bucks. Yes, a plain white pocketed T that Stewart's stylist even admitted to ripping down to a crop-top length.
Source: CelebMafia


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