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Christina Milian has some round and soft things for you to play with

08.22.2016by: Droz

If there's one thing you can always count on from Christina Milian, it's copious amounts of cleavage. If Christina shows up anywhere, you can can count on her flashing tons of cleavage. Girl must have closets full of next to nothing she wears to little events like these. Those titties do look great, yet what's almost as astounding is how these outfits manage to show so much without ever malfunctioning. You hardly ever see a nipple pop out, despite the fact that they're literally millimeters from the light of day. Makes me suspect she's employed some kind of NASA adhesive technology to keep those titties popping, yet never popping out. It may be the most extreme tease ever conceived of, whereby everyone is compelled to watch and wait for a boob to pop out of Christina's barely effective tops, only to find their wishes foiled. Makes me wonder if I should be titillated or disappointed by these boobs shows of hers. I can't decide.

Source: Superior Pics


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