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Christina Milian has a new look, same great taste in showy outfits

03.23.2017by: Droz

We've had plenty of cause to cover Christina Milian's assorted hottie exploits lately. Usually pics of her come to us without much variation, namely Christina with massive cleavage showing off strong. Now comes a change to her routine, sort of. Her appearance at the POWER RANGERS premiere was a decidedly different take on the usual Christina appearance, what with the blonde hair and all. It's also Christina doing her usual thing in showing off them ripe titties of hers in spectacular fashion. So a bit of change and a whole lot of the usual.

You might think Christina's new blonde locks are an annoyance to me, Mr. Blonde Hate himself. Surprisingly enough, it's not much of an issue. In fact, I don't mind it at all. Obviously it's not her natural color, but it does kinda work for her. The real trouble would have started had Chrissy not brought the super cleavage. Then I really would have gotten pissed.

Source: NSFW


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