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Christina Milian gets all ripped open for your viewing pleasure

04.02.2015by: Droz

Clearly Christina Milian really wants us to keep an eye on her. Yesterday we brought you some pics of the Latina hottie stuffing her curvy lower regions into the world's tightest pants. Today we got pics of her wearing the world's most precariously held together bra, barely able to contain that sweet rack of hers under some unbuttoned flannel. It's flagrant "look at me" behavior, that's nonetheless a quite effective delivery. Girl is easy on the eyes and probably easy in a number of other ways - or at least how she'd like you to perceive her. I suppose I could get into a whole diatribe about how she's lowering herself by pandering to our basest desires, but screw all that. She's got sweet tits and I like to look at them. So nice of her to facilitate our needs there.

Source: NSFW


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