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Christina Milian gets all boobsy at Bootsy Bellows

01.16.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I hate to call her a one-trick pony, since technically the ever-present cleavage of Christina Milian consists of TWO things, but eh. It IS always nice to have something to rely on and rarely does a week go by without there being a sighting of the busty MILF, out partying with famous hot friends, showing off the goods and smiling like she means it. The rubber dress must be an easy clean-up situation for Christina, although I'm surely not suggesting anything too kinky - my guess is that if she drinks a little too much and eats the table chips & dip a little too sloppily, she can wipe down and still be camera ready for the hungry paps waiting outside of wherever she's decided to party for the night. And if you're not as into her upstairs, Christina was happy to share her experience getting her downstairs waxed and bleached. Yes, folks. Waxed AND bleached. See? Two tricks.

Source: Daily Mail


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