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Christina Milian doesn't go anywhere without her boobs

12.13.2016by: No Cool Handle

As if Christina Milian wasn't already adept at drawing attention to dem titties, she applied some concoction to her exposed cleavage, which in turn, made those succulent mounds glisten under bright lights – they used to be attention grabbers now their visual magnets. The human eye is very sensitive to contrast, judiciously applying some lotion – or perhaps body oil(?) – creates a visual experience liken to watching a television with a high dynamic range. The image comes alive, depth and clarity are enhanced and you can't help but want to reach out to touch something. So it goes for these images of her attendance to the GQ Men of the Year Awards; that beautiful skin of hers causing the surrounding environment to appear dull and lifeless. Christina Milian never fails to put on a boob show worthy of a standing ovation. On this evening, she graciously awarded every man, not just those on GQ's list.

Source: NS4W


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