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Christina Milian ditches the bikini for a one piece, but now we're talking thong

01.05.2016by: Droz

So many hotties on vacation right now. It must be nice. While the whole rest of the world crawls back to their desks, trying to remember how to do their jobs, the Christina Milians of the world just continue to slip in and out of beachwear while frolicking in Miami beach break. It's no wonder we're all so starstruck nowadays. Who wouldn't want to live that life? Being on an extended vacation doesn't mean that Christina doesn't have to continue to reach out to you and me with that always on cleavage of hers. Seeing her in this beachwear reminds me of perhaps my favorite image of her from almost a decade back now:

She's changed a lot since those days. A kid and her 30s have robbed her of that once rock hard physique. She's also made the unfortunate choice to muck up those gorgeous hips with some dumb tattoo. But despite all that, Christina continues to put on quite a show with her thickened up yet still eye-drawing body. The passing of the years hasn't taken that out of her just yet. Even better is that I'm still up for looking at what she has to show us there.

Source: Hawt Celebs


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