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Christina Milian continues to amp up her sex appeal in new Maxim shoot

06.09.2016by: Cherry Liquor
At this point, I'm not even sure what Christina Milian does other than look amazing for magazine shoots and random appearances. At one point I know she was supposedly a singer but those albums or songs or radio play that normally goes along with that profession haven't wafted my way. So then I guess she's an actress, which has been helped out in more recent years by her securing a regular role on Fox's "Grandfathered" but let's be honest - are any of you or anyone you know actually watching that show? (A quick search tells me that it was already canceled, so I'm going to assume your answer is "nope.") It's a pity, really, considering that Milian is as fresh faced and adorable as she was when making those teen movies at the start of her career. Woman shouldn't have to hustle so hard to get work or exposure, in my humble opinion.
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