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Christina Milian continues with the massive cleavage show

09.13.2016by: No Cool Handle

Is there such a thing as too much Christina Milian cleavage? If there is, we haven't gotten to that point yet because her most recent night out on the town called for some serious titty-tops. The uptick in Christina candids circulating Internet may have some people neglecting this current act in her perpetual boob show – dismissing them as more of the same – but, I can't do anything other than give those beauties my full attention. The curvaceous MILF has a set of take notice boobs, but even if they were just your average, everyday mammaries, Ms. Milian packages them in such an appealing way [that] to not notice them would be something of a minor insult. Clearly, a lot of time and effort was put into squeezing those mounds into that constricting top; wouldn't it be rude not to give her the attention she's obviously hoping for? I for one want to do everything I can to encourage these racy fashion choices and attention seeking behavior.

Source: NS4W


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