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Christina Milian can barely contain her curves in her wet skimpy swimsuit

07.20.2016by: Cherry Liquor
If it's summertime, it's Christina Milian in a swimsuit time. The curvy MILF has never been shy about showing off the hard work she puts into her fit figure, with low-cut dresses at red carpet appearances and tight Lycra for photoshoots. But where Christina really excels is when she pulls out the bikinis and skimpy swimsuits, killing it with the type of frequency that Jessica Alba manages but without the high profile attention that the Latina businesswoman gets. I really appreciate how hard Christina works to put herself out there, with what seems like little payoff, considering that her roles are few and far between and without the quality that she deserves. If it means that I'm going to keep seeing her pop up looking this good, I'll pay her the attention that others neglect to.
Source: The Sun


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