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Christina Milian brought some melons of her own to the farmer's market

03.13.2017by: Droz

It's a well established fact by now that Christina Milian brings her own, homegrown melons with her wherever she goes. And just like most other people who grow their own melons, she's quite content to show off what she's accomplished there. Thus her arrival at this farmer's market this weekend, where her 1st prize beauties were once again on display for judging by any and everyone on hand. She's got a couple of blue ribbon winners, no doubt. That got proven again the very same day, when Christina headed out for the night in a tight, black number with the nipples poking through. What are the chances Christina gets excited by the very idea of titty displays? I'm gonna go with better than average there. Otherwise, why would she do it so often? Girl has gotta get something out of the deal. It can't just be all about us delighted onlookers.

Source: NSFW


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