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Christina Milian brings her stacked self to the blackjack table

05.31.2016by: Cherry Liquor
If you're going to go to the casino and you want that shrimp to be comped, I'm guessing being a famous hottie helps. Then again, what the heck is this "Foxwoods Reality TV Month" stuff going on at the Foxwoods Casino? I mean, it's my understanding that Christina Milian does something to that effect with a show on E! but seeing as how that's the channel I blame for the Kardoucheian mess, I kinda avoid it. With the upcoming release of the new ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW debuting on Fox sometime later this year, expect more exposure of Milian, who is now more famous for being relatively famous and showing off her impeccable body than any of her acting. I can't say that I really am bothered by the RHPS reboot either, although I hear the diehard fans are a bit frazzled. I was always turned off by the uber fans of the movie, who seemed to miss the ironic point of being weird and just used those midnight showings as an opportunity to just be obnoxious. 
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