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Christina Milan gets a lot miles out of her tiny swimsuit

03.31.2017by: No Cool Handle

Anytime Christina Milian buys a round-trip ticket to Hawaii, she's really bringing along the entire Internet community for some sexy bikini action. Here we share in an afternoon of swimming, bending, crawling and stretching, all while wearing a tiny swimsuit that covers but a fraction of her incredibly curvy body. This is the kind of collection we hope for when catching an A-list hottie enjoying some fun in the sun. In this instance, Christina was even captured during a moment when she was letting her right hand slide between her thighs; that, coupled with a nice assortment of backside shots, crawling around on all fours and sprawling out on a cabana bed make this one of the best bikini moments of 2017, thus far – and Spring has only just begun. Who knows what other awesome moments this remarkable woman has in store for us. If these images were taken at the beginning of her vacation, that means we could see a shit-ton more being released over the next few days. Standby!

Source: Got Celeb


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