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Christina Hendricks throws some curves on the set of her new movie

07.29.2011by: Droz

It's really interesting to read some of your reactions to Christina Hendricks, here photographed walking between takes on her new movie STRUCK BY LIGHTNING. Some of you find her unattractive, for various reasons. Some of you find her a goddess and everything you desire in a woman. What's interesting is the way people are so vehement with their polarized positions. I'm not entirely sure why it is that Christina draws such ire or desire.

There are other famous women who divide opinion on their sex appeal, yet do so with much less rancor. I suppose the haters might be upset about how much media she gets and feel compelled to counter that with a proportionate opposing view. And I have no doubt that a lot of her more outspoken supporters are from the Mad Men/Firefly fanboy ranks - two groups unabashed when it comes to outspoken voicing of opinion.

Personally, I sympathize with parts of both sides. I don't have a problem with her curves and most of the time on her shows I find her quite beautiful. However, there are times when her looks do turn a bit sour. She has a tendency to become either clownish or ghost-like in public or at a premiere. Though I speculate that has more to do with some strange personal preferences in make-up, rather than some fundamental flaw in her looks.

Overall, I tend to sway toward the pro side of the debate, but I don't condemn those not taken with her. She can be an acquired taste. Just never get rid of that red hair, Christina.


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