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Christina Hendricks makes the environment healthier by just being in it

03.15.2017by: Cherry Liquor
It's been some time since we visited the full-figured awesomeness that is Christina Hendricks and her inexplicably dowdy fashion sense. I don't know if it's because she's not making Mad Men money anymore but the people who are dressing her (perhaps she's doing it herself?) have not been as free with her cleavage as they were in the past. Not that she needs anything particularly low cut for that massive prow to make an entrance 3 minutes before the rest of her does but it's all a bit boring. Which might have been the point when she joined other celebs at a special event in Beverly Hills that honored those innovators helping to make the environment more healthy. Sure, they'll all have to go on the rogue list since no matter what science tells you, everything is super okey dokey and doesn't need any assistance from precious little scientist snowflakes but who cares since Chrissy looks awesome, right?
Source: Daily Mail


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