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Christina Hendricks gives us only a small window on her huge rack

02.14.2017by: Droz

I'm a little resentful toward this FIST FIGHT movie. For one thing, it looks shitty, as do most comedies nowadays. But what really angers me is how it appears to be ripping off the 80s high school classic THREE O'CLOCK HIGH. Only in this iteration it's not the high school geek being threatened by the alpha bully, but rather a stupid white teacher being threatened by the stereotypical dangerous black man. I'll let you decide for yourself which overtones those plot points reinforce. The point is that yet another classic movie gets ass raped by a shitty remake. I hate Hollywood.

With conspiracy theories in mind I also evaluate Christina Hendricks at the premiere of this shitfest. I find myself wondering what has provoked the shrinkage of visible surface area in Christina's boob shows. It wasn't long ago at all when her boob shows were seemingly impossible moments where giant boobs seemed ready to pop out completely. Now all we get is a little window of cleavage. Is this a more mature Christina wanting to limit her exposure? Is it her husband being possessive of her rack? Is it the studios feeling uncomfortable with too much titty on display? These are all possibilities, without any real answers. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate anything Christina decides to show us. But like Oliver Twist, I'd like to have some more. Please?

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