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Christina Hendricks and her girls walk the red carpet

04.01.2011by: Droz

So I guess my fellow Mad Men fans will have already heard the frustrating news that all the greed and squabbling going on behind the scenes of our favorite '60s flashback show have pushed the next season back to 2012. God forbid some already wealthy asshole doesn't get his share of the ad revenue or whatever the hell it is they're bitching about. Never mind that it's that kind of bullshit has completely destroyed more than a few shows in the past as people forget about delayed shows in favor of other shows that actually manage to run within a reasonable time frame. So congrats, morons - your greed just put the future of the show in question. That should really get those revenues up.

Anyway, on to more interesting topics - like Christina Hendricks and the amazing land of squishy-happy-fun-time that lies just south of her neck. Something tells me Christina understood the frustration and disappointment of her fans and decided to sooth our woes via a little breasticle therapy. Thus her appearance at some red carpet event, wearing a corset that more than adequately put the girls in the perfect view. No goofy husband with her either.

I recall an old episode of The Tonight Show back when Johnny Carson was hosting. He had a late 1970s iteration of Dolly Parton on that night and one of his comments to her, as he none too slyly ogled her similarly massive cleavage, was that he'd "give about a year's pay to peek under there." I don't know if I could swing that kind of financial sacrifice, but there might be a few appendages that I'm not in immediate need of at the moment that could quite easily become Christine's for a similar reimbursement.


Source: Celebuzz


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