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Christina Hendricks a woman with a whole lot of influence

07.17.2015by: Droz

Christina Hendricks was at an event celebrating LA Confidential Magazine's Women of Influence issue yesterday. An event that seemed to bring out a wide array of ladies with influence. You'd think an event like this wouldn't be the sort of place for Christina to bring back one of her long lost epic cleavage moments. I hear tell some women aren't too fond of that sort of thing from the more massively chested. Yet, there they are, as big and bodacious as anything that ever was. I missed those beautiful beauties, which seem to have only gotten bigger in the years since scenes like these were a common sight for Christina. I can't imagine what it must be like having at those things now when they're let loose. Probably like two great big silken pillows waiting for you on a comfy bed when all you want to do is go to sleep. The only difference is that instead of sleep, her pillows make you want to do other things.

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