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Christina Applegate shows Bud some love, looks amazing on Vacation red carpet

07.29.2015by: Cherry Liquor

I don't know why, but I positively love to see the cast from "Married with Children" still supporting one another in all of their career and personal endeavors, nearly 20 years after the show finished its run on Fox. In the beginning, no one thought the show would last a single season, having been touted as one of the rudest, most unrealistic sitcoms on TV back then. Boy, did their viewers prove that to be wrong, finding just a wee bit of themselves and their family members in everything the Bundys did. So, needless to say, I love seeing Christina Applegate hug up on little bro, David "Bud" Faustino. I love the two of them and continue to carry my young crush for Grandmaster B even to this day (one of my biggest moments of adult pride was when he started following me on Twitter).

I might even be one of the few people excited to see this latest VACATION film, if only for Chris Hemsworth in tighty whities and a bulge and Applegate just being the most awesome comedic actress of my generation. I seriously believe that. She never gets the recognition that she deserves for being such a pro, perhaps because she makes it look too easy. 

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