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Christina Aguilera rocks out her sexy mom curves in the Hamptons

08.18.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Christina Aguilera looks like a mom. And that's OK, because she is a mom. Aguilera has a son with former husband Jordan Bratman and a daughter with current fiancee Matthew Rutler and for whatever reason, people love to give her more shit than any of the other multitudes of famous ladies who have had at least that many children or more habitat their physique. Personally, I've always preferred Xtina a bit thicker. Her vocal style tends to veer toward whatever her body type is at the time and when she's more voluptuous, so is her singing. And the woman can SING. I've tried to figure out where the negativity for her started in the press and the most that I can determine is that she's prone to speaking her mind, even when her job might call for kissing someone's ass. At a grand 5 feet and 2 inches (and that's going off of what the official stats claim her height is) and most likely no bigger than a size 8 (guys, if you don't understand women's clothing, a size 8 is still about a "medium" for most fashion brands), Aguilera is constantly dogged for her size. I've even seen comments stating that she's lazy, incompetent and unworthy of a job because she's no longer the teenager we were first introduced to coming out of that bottle back in 1999. Shut up. More pounds = bigger boobs. Let the woman be "fat."
Source: Page Six


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