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Christie Brinkley's SI spread gives her daughters hope for a hottie future

02.16.2017by: Droz

Before I extrude myself from the avalanche of imagery Sports Illustrated has once again inundated us with and move on to other hotties, I think it's only just we take a look at the full spread of Christie Brinkley and her daughters Alex Ray Joel and Sailor Brinkley. We previewed these pics a few days ago, but as expected the full spread is even more impressive. Christie does indeed look great for any age, but most especially for someone in her 60s. That's just amazing. We talk about being smitten with sexagenarians from time to time here, but I wonder how those feelings might change were we to ever see them out of their clothes. No such doubt about Christie. I can say with 100% confidence I'm down for some private time with her right now.

Same goes for her daughters. A lot of people are understandably fixated on Sailor's uncanny resemblance to her mom, but I'm kinda down for Alex Ray. She's got some damn fine qualities which include her mom's hips and her dad's eyes. I'm not sure where her ample boobs came from, but I like those too. This is quite a family. We don't have anything like this in my clan. We're mostly just a bunch of well fed descendants of Brits and Scots. That makes Christie's family line even more fascinating.


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