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Christian Serratos pauses killing zombies to be the killer hottie she is

03.27.2015by: Droz

You Walking Dead fans have enjoyed Christian Serratos playing Rosita Espinosa, the scantily clad zombie killing machine who has been doing her thing on the show for the last couple seasons now. This hot little Latina is doing some sideline fashion modelling and also has a spread on Playboy's website. Another missed opportunity for that magazine. She's hot, especially when she's playing Rosita. Though you would think someone trapped in the middle of the zombie apocalypse might do better to dress a little thicker. Don't get me wrong, I dig how much of herself Rosita shows off. Still, that's a whole lot of exposed flesh for some ravenous zombie to take an unrestricted bite out of. Me, I'd be dressed like a hockey goalie 24/7.

Another issue I've had with TWD lately is how they keep sidelining or bumping off their hottie cast members? None of them get any decent screen time, except maybe for Michonne and Sasha. It's still mostly all about the guys or the not sexualized female cast members, be it Rick slowly going nuts or Glen constantly being subject to all the most horrible shit or Carol's steady transformation into a sociopath. You also see a bunch of Darryl and Abraham. Even f*cking Carl gets more attention than people like Rosita, or Tara, or Beth, or Maggie. That's bullshit. They got some kind of a problem with hot women over there in TWD writer's room? Perhaps they've grown tired of their sexy stars yet hesitate to kill them off lest they anger viewers like myself who have grown fond of them. Painted yourselves into a sexy corner, have you fellas? Such a waste.

Source: Playboy


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