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Chrissy Teigen has a healthy aversion towards bras

03.06.2017by: No Cool Handle

Some hotties are more enlightened than others. I don't know if Chrissy Teigen's aversion towards the most oppressive undergarment in the history of mankind was born of pride in her delicious – and wonderfully proportioned – tatas, or because she's well aware of it's uselessness, but, I wholeheartedly agree with the uncompromising way she refuses to make public appearances without the aid of a bra. Why should she sentence those gems to a lifetime of constricting isolation. The bra has been linked to breast cancer, muscular degeneration – which in turn leads to sagging – and are bad for healthy blood circulation. The reason Chrissy's boobs maintain their buoyancy is, probably, due to the fact that she never wears one of those f**king things, and it goes against her giving nature. The woman is forever generous with those gender-defining parts. Not only has she been sharing them with husband John Legend and their newborn baby, she makes it a point to share them with the adoring public. Reciprocate kindly by giving Chrissy Teigan's beachside spectacle it's due attention.

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