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Chrissy Teigen bares her prenatal breasts

03.22.2016by: No Cool Handle

Some new Chrissy Teigen photos have been circulating around the internet - they're are from a photo shoot by a professional duo named Markus & Koala. It's obvious from the lack of a baby bump, these were taken some time ago only to be recently released. Or maybe they've been around and, for some inexplicable reason, I failed to notice. The timing is of little importance; the content is what you're here for and oh baby. I know her looks don't appeal to everybody (I think she's hot), but you can't peer at these topless pics and downplay the quality of those tits; tits that have grown significantly larger since these were taken. You have to wonder why they only released four pics. The probability that there are megabytes of topless outtakes just sitting on some SD card is somewhat infuriating. No worries though. We can make do... for now.

Source: Markus & Koala


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