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Chrissy Teigan chooses comfort over discretion when out and about

07.11.2016by: No Cool Handle

I love how Chrissy Teigan is aiming her brow at the ground, as if that's going to stop some timely photographer from snapping a few quick stills. And to be honest, her face isn't the subject of these photos... it's her unbound mom mounds made erect by the winds of fortune; fortunate for us anyway. These monuments to MILFs everywhere are sought after by all who lay eyes upon them – this is according to Ms. John Legend herself. In a recent interview with some gossip site she had this to say about her baby girl: She comes to me, she wants boobs, she wants food, and she looks at me and she giggles at me and she laughs. This is in line with what she has to say about her famous husband, "John actually loves the new pieces!" You don't have to be a quilt maker to see the pattern here. It makes me imagine her walking around the house wearing a long T-shirt with the words Everybody Wants Some!! – written across her "pieces." And how does she divvy up tit time between her husband, the baby and the paparazzi? I suppose it hardly matters. What we should be thankful for is her willingness to share a bit of them with everybody.

Source: ns4w


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