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Chloe Sevigny uses her long legs to sell the hell out of some Jimmy Choos

04.04.2016by: Droz

Chloe Sevigny popped up in a surprising way recently, showing off those perfect gams of hers in some Jimmy Choo shoes. She's looking damn fine here. Girl never ceases to surprise or bewitch me, but Chloe has gotten a lot of shit over the years for things like her controversial roles and her frequently off-the-wall stylings. She is something of a strange one, but I've been a fan for decades now - ever since KIDS, really. That was probably her first taste of public controversy. Everyone was shitting their pants because they assumed that movie would make teenagers want to have sex. As if they weren't already eager to do that. Actually though, the complete opposite happened with that movie for me. I didn't want to stick my dick in anything for some time after watching KIDS. Since then though, Chloe has repeatedly given me cause to think the opposite on that one. She seems like the kind who would be down for just about anything in the sack. I like a girl who keeps you on your toes.

Source: Superior Pics


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