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Chloe Sevigny fishes up some Halloween costume ideas in the Marfa Journal

10.21.2015by: Cherry Liquor
I don't know how anyone can be shocked by what Chloe Sevigny decides to do for a magazine photoshoot, considering that she's well known for giving an unsimulated blowjob to director and former boyfriend Vincent Gallo in the movie THE BROWN BUNNY. The artistic choice cost Sevigny the clout that she'd been building up in Hollywood since she first wowed critics in 1995's KIDS and it feels as if she's been scrambling to both keep her edge and make amends ever since. The lobster vagina should cause a raised eyebrow but in a world where Miley is showing off her kibbles and bits every chance she gets, Chloe's cheeky spread here in Marfa Journal is nearly precious by comparison. While I know that these some of images were first released in March of this year, the full spread just recently went live and in good time for the holiday spirit. Now... where to find a plastic lobster?
Source: Marfa Journal


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