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Chloe Moretz's ink doesn't look right with her sexy short shorts

10.27.2015by: Droz

CGM thigh tattoo

It seems the folks helming this NEIGHBORS 2 movie feel that Chloe Moretz's character is not the type who would have her family's initials tattooed down the side of her lovely thigh. Which is why they appear to have employed a team of makeup artists to cover said tat with some apparently quite intricately applied pigment. I don't know why they'd have a problem with this. Looking at some of her other pics from the set of this movie, it doesn't look like her character is the prudish type who wouldn't have a tattoo there. Whatever the explanation, they're clearly interested in presenting an all grow'd up Chloe with this movie. Not that she needs any such efforts. Girl came across far more mature than her age almost from the start. The only difference now is that we don't have to be creeped out by her extended maturity anymore. Which is nice.

Source: Superior Pics


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