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Chloe Moretz was the hottest attraction at Disney California Adventure

10.04.2016by: No Cool Handle

Folks visiting the Disneyland California Adventure Park received an extra added bonus amusement with no additional cost to their admission ticket. They were treated to the off-the-books attraction that is Chloe Moretz. The sexy youngin' made her way around the grounds wearing her signature pair of coochie cutters – there's a term from back in the day. Do people still use that? Coochie cutters? And while we're on the subject: I had no idea Stussy was still a brand. Anyway, I wish Chloe would post a video on Instagram of one of her late-night shredding sessions and then sell the discarded portion of her jean shorts on eBay. Does she have someone cut weeks worth of shorts down to size, or is Chloe so particular with how much of her ass cheeks are to be shown, she sees to that task, personally? Is there certain criteria which must be met? If the pocket's inner lining isn't hanging out the bottom of the leg hole... they're not short enough – and the cut must be millimeters away from flashing that Stussy..

Source: Got Celeb


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